Dog Box Pads

dog box pads

You wouldn?t think of riding down the road sitting on a hard bench for a long period of time. You shouldn?t expect your dog to either. Have you ever transported your dog a long distance and when you get them out of the box they are stiff and stoved up? Jackson Creek has a solution for you.

Jackson Creek dog box pads are constructed of ballistic grade nylon with a PVC coating on the inside. This makes an extremely tough, durable and almost waterproof pad. Jackson Creek pads are stuffed with hotel-grade 2? foam. By using a high grade, high density foam your dog will have the most cushion without sacrificing excessive dog compartment height. A lot of our competitors use lower density foam to reduce cost. The problem with this is that if they use the same thickness foam the dog will not have near the cushion from road vibration. If they increase the thickness to increase cushion you then loose dog compartment height. Jackson Creek pads also have a zipper on the end. This allows you to remove the foam and put the pad in the washing machine if needed. Other pads are sewn shut which makes this impossible. While these pads are ballistic grade nylon and will take extreme abuse, we do not recommend using them with pups (they want to chew everything) or with adult dogs that are bad chewers.

Size Retail
Pads for 46"w X 46"l $
Pads for 38"w X 46"l $
Pads for T & W-Style $