W-Style Dog Box

W-Style Dog Box

Model W5422TS/RR/RH shown

DIAMOND DELUXE W-Style is designed to wrap around the truck wheel wells.. Made with welded diamond tread aluminum it features carrying handles, locking full top storage, locking T-handles on the dog doors, corrugated plastic insulation on all exterior walls, solid aluminum divider panel, dual gas struts, all locks keyed alike, flat lid and slide covers on the vents. DIAMOND DELUXE units have the largest vents of any dog box with the vent measuring 6” x 10”. These units are extremely lightweight with the large truck box weighing only 140#.

W-Style units without top storage have 20” height and units with top storage have 18” height in the dog compartment and 6” top storage. Available in 58” and 50” widths and 46” length. Available in 2-Dog or 3-Dog.

Options: Flush mount latches, winter door panels, rear vents, roof rack, 12-volt fan, ventilated divider, extra height, rig rack, rig holes, and top storage divider. We can custom build to any size.

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Model Wid. Len. Hgt. # of D/C Depth of T/S D/C Size Retail
W5422 58(46) 46 20 2 NA 29(23)x46x18 $
W5422TS 58(46) 46 24 2 58"x46"x6" 29(23)x46x18 $
W5423TS 58(46) 46 24 3 58"x46"x6" 21(15)x46x18 $
W5322TS 50(38) 46 24 2 50"x46"x6" 25(19)x46x18 $
W5322TS/RR/RH 50(38) 46 29 2 50"x46"x6" 25(19(x46x23 $
W5422TS/RR/RH 58(46) 46 33 2 58"x46"x6" 29(23)x46x27 $