Trailer Style Dog Box

Trailer Style Dog Box

TRI-6 with Front Stg. Box and Tongue Rack

At DIAMOND DELUXE we know there are several firms making dog trailers. So why should you consider our product? Because a DIAMOND DELUXE unit, whether a dog box or a dog trailer, is built by gun dog people who themselves use what they produce and know that it is the little things that make a big difference. It’s things like Plexiglass door covers so you can see the dogs even when they are shut up, plenty of storage space for hunting gear, and other small details that set our units apart. This is to say nothing of the tight quality control standards that insure that a DIAMOND DELUXE unit will give you years of trouble free service and a high resale value should you decide to sell your unit in the future. Many of our competitor’s charge extra for features DIAMOND DELUXE includes as standard features.

Second Trailer Style

TRI-8 with Water Tank / Rack

All DIAMOND DELUXE dog trailers come standard with the following features:

  • Clear Plexiglass door covers
  • New 15” Automotive tires
  • Clear Coated aluminum wheels
  • Complete mounted Spare
  • 12” Weatherproof top storage compartments
  • 2” Ball Coupler
  • Rubber Mounted Sealed Beam lighting
  • Swivel Jack
  • Insulation on all exterior walls
  • Running Boards
  • Painted Steel Frame
Second Trailer Style

TBL-3 with Tongue Rack

Second Trailer Style

TBL-4 with Tongue Rack

Click the model # to see a drawing of the unit.

Model Item # Retail
TRL-4 4-Hole Trailer, Totally Enclosed, 2-Side Load, 2-Rear Load $
TRL-6 6-Hole Trailer, Totally Enclosed, 4-Side Load, 2-Rear Load $
TRL-8 8-Hole Trailer, Totally Enclosed, 8-Side Load $
TBL-3 3-Hole Beagle Trailer, 2-Side Load, 1-Front Load, 3-Runs $
TBL-6 6-Hole Beagle Trailer, 6-Dog Compartments, 6-Runs $

Trailer Options

Item Retail
Front Mounted Storage Box $
Tongue Mounted Open Rack $
Tongue Mounted Water Tank $
12-Volt Forced Fresh Air System $
Roof Rack (TRL-4) $
Roof Rack (TRL-6) $
Roof Rack (TRL-8) $
Interior Compartment Lights $
Airing Lights $
Tie-Outs (per compartment) $
1" Insulation on floor & Exterior Walls with Alum Liner (per compartment) $
Battery Pack with Isolation Switch & 12-Volt Trickle Charger $